viernes, 9 de octubre de 2015

El viajero

Ayer decía que en ocasiones las fotos te encuentran a ti. Hay muchas circunstancias que varían a lo largo del año en la vida de las calles y ofrecen distintas posibilidades cuando buscas hacer una foto diferente a lo de siempre. 
Una de ellas, ésta. Durante el montaje de los chiringuitos durante las fiestas de San Mateo en Oviedo, me fijé en esta imagen casi por casualidad. Digo casi, porque vengo observando que mi subconsciente trabaja a más velocidad de lo que yo  misma pienso.
El perfecto paradigma del viajero.

El viajero

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  1. I am not sure if I would call it the subconscious, since I along with Sartre do not believe in the subconscious; but that is a discussion for another day. I think it is the eye of the artist that keeps you aware of the possibilities around you. What others do not observe, you do, and that defines your art. I think your photos are often you, but not always. Sometimes, it is best not to find the photographer in the photo, or the poet in the poem. Your are correct, that this the perfect paradigm of the traveler. Do we all go in search of the Utopia, and is it always an illusion. I think so, because every attempt at creating a Utopia has failed. Revolutions and wars of independence have sometimes succeeded, but only when there was no illusion of a Utopia. However, as humans we must go on and beat against the tide of history if that is what it takes. Thanks again for putting my mind to work and for the thoughtful ideas and photos. Hugs Dear Friend

    1. Probably you are right, and that´s not the subconscious, maybe it´s me at the end. But I´m sure sometimes I surprise myself with some thoughts or some visions. Thank you for your kind words, my friend, I´m proud of them. Lots of kisses, my dear friend.