jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2015

Luz artificial

"Sean cuales sean las palabras que usamos, deberían ser usadas con cuidado porque la gente que las escuche serán influenciadas para bien o para mal."

Luz artificial

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  1. This has always been true, but now, as your photo would indicate, even more so. The use of technology has made it easier to be misunderstood, so much more care should be taken. Wonderful combination of quote and photo. What is true is always true. Big Hugs.

    1. I think that, though technology let us communicate much better, even in the distance, sometimes hinders relationships. As you say, is easier to be misunderstood than to have a personal relation. But they are the times that we have to live, my dear friend. On the other hand, I think that technology let me have this interesting conversations with you. Have a beautiful weekend and enjoy. Lots of kisses.