jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2015

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"Si hubiera preguntado a mis clientes qué es lo que necesitaban, me hubieran dicho que un caballo más rápido".
Henry Ford

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  1. This is both funny and an important statement about human nature, and why we have always needed forward thinking people like Ford. It goes so well with the photo. One could say that the bike was an improvement on the horse; perhaps not as fast, but it cost less and did not need to fed. But what is so important about Ford's quote is that most people when asked what they wanted, would have said a faster horse. Ford being a genius knew what they truly wanted was a motorised vehicle, even if they could not foresee the possibility. Ford could. Hugs, Kisses, and fast cars Dear Friend.

    1. Henry Ford is one of the most important characters of the modern life, and a visionary. I´m sure that, if he could see my photo, he would install a powerful motor in the bycicle, hahaha. Lots of kisses, dear Michael.