martes, 19 de enero de 2016

El trío del frío

"Era invierno; llegaste y fue verano. Cuando llegue el verano verdadero, ¿qué será de nosotros?"
Antonio Gala

El trío del frío

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  1. Such an interesting image; women in under clothes, but protected by winter coats. Of course, window designers always try to do the unexpected. It took your vision to match a quote to the image. How often have many of us thought what would happen to us when summer truly comes. It seems that the coming of summer is the season that causes most concern. We all want summer to come, for various reasons, but the change to a constant, predictable routine can cause some fears. There is an American song in which the young man worries that the young woman he has loved all year, will be lost to a summer love. I have lost winter loves and have had summer loves; perhaps we all have. The song is called, " Summer Love " by Bobby Vee. Hugs, Kisses, and a constant Love Dear Friend

    1. I love mannequins, because they represent the image of perfection that we (the humans) cannot have. We all expect the summer, the long and hot summer, and the summer of our lives, full of love and joy. And Gala suspects that when the summer comes, it will be the most wonderful time in his love/in his live, making him more passionate than ever. Thank you for your comment, I will search for the song you tell me. Love and kisses, my dear Michael.