miércoles, 20 de abril de 2016


"El poder de un individuo es la capacidad de hacer, pero, por encima de todo, de influir sobre la conducta y los sentimientos de otros individuos."
Raymond Aron


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  1. I love this photo, and find it interesting that you represent Aron's quote not only with stillness, but with a church. Is it these moments of quiet inner thought and our religious background that cause us to have the ability to influence the behavior and feelings of others? I am familiar with the work of Aron, and if I saw the quote without your image, I would not have been influenced to think more deeply on the matter. I have always believed that Aron was saying it was the people of action; the doers, who influenced others. Your beautiful image makes me think anew. Wonderful work My Dear Friend. Hugs and Kisses

    1. Thank you for your wonderful words, my dear friend. I believe that the personal peace, the 'state of grace' (I mean, the moment that I´m peaceful), is the best moment to influence the others with the personal example.
      Lots of kisses, dear Michael.