lunes, 6 de junio de 2016

Hora de la merienda

"Es más fácil llenar el estómago que el ojo."
Refrán popular alemán

Hora de la merienda

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  1. I remember going to places like this, when I was no bigger than the girl in your photo. I always thought I wanted everything. My mother would say, "Your eyes are too big for your stomach" Lovely memory and perfect quote for the photo. Hugs and Kisses Dear Friend.

    1. Yesterday I went to a little fairground in my city, and that was like I was returning to my childhood. The fairground attractions, the smell of the food, the pink sugar cotton... That´s wonderful. I´m glad you have the same sensation looking at the image. Thank you so much, my friend. A big hug and all my affection.