miércoles, 12 de octubre de 2016

Marineros en tierra

Lo normal en pueblos marineros... ¿o no?

Marineros en tierra

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  1. I love this photo, mostly because it is what we expect from a fishing village. However, it is a great question. I was in a fishing village in England in which there were many houses completely covered in sea shells. It was kind of an attraction for visitors. Then in a fishing village in southern France there was nothing like I see in your photo; just normal houses and working boats. I think it is the same for other villages that are engaged in other types of work; some make a big show of it, some not. It is such an interesting question that requires an in depth look into human nature. For now, I have no answer, but it is fun to think about it. Big Hugs and Kisses Dear Friend.

    1. I know what you mean: sometimes, what we expect is not what happens. In this case, this is an example of a typical fishing village, and this people probably leave there all their lives. It was a momentary lapse of time, because minutes after, the man came into the house, and the image was not the same.
      A big hug and all my affection, dear friend.