viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

Por quién doblan las campanas

"Aunque tengamos la evidencia de que hemos de vivir constantemente en la oscuridad y en las tinieblas, sin objeto y sin fin, hay que tener esperanza."
Pío Baroja

Por quién doblan las campanas

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  1. In one of her poems, Emily Dickinson says, " Hope is a thing with feathers ". It is a very optimistic poem about hope being always present in our souls and lives, but never asking for anything in return. Baroja's quote seems to say we should have hope even if it is futile. If I believed as he did, I would live in total despair. While I understand that when the bell tolls for one it tolls for all because, " No man is an island ", but that should make us more caring, not filled with hopeless despair. I do comprehend that Baroja was one of the group of 98, and their style could be pessimistic, and there is much to learn from that. In fact Hemingway had great admiration for him. The image is a perfect symbol for the quote. Again, great work. Hugs and Kisses Dear Friend.

    1. I am a fan of the Baroja´s work, he´s one of the writers who inspired me to write and to express my thoughts in a clear mood, since I discovered him at the school, reading 'El árbol de la ciencia'. Sometimes he could be pessimistic (the pure realism), but he expressed his ideas with a total clarity of thought. A big hug, my friend.