viernes, 18 de diciembre de 2015


Uno de los principales retos y de los mejores acicates de la streetphoto es intentar anticiparse a la escena que pretendes retratar. No siempre se consigue, muy pocas veces, pero la sola posibilidad ya es una droga poderosa. A veces, la imagen va mucho más allá de tus expectativas, y no sólo retrata lo que has visto, sino que consigue relatar incluso lo que sentiste en ese momento.
Ésta es una de esas veces. La claridad insólita de un mundo en blanco y negro.


2 comentarios:

  1. This image is very fascinating. I see the family as the focal point, and yet I am drawn to the point out of the frame that seems to have their attention. Is someone coming to them, are they going to someone, or something else altogether? I want to know and don't want to know at the same time. This is truly am image that is not frozen, but lives in eternal potential. I enjoy very much when you examine the philosophical aspect of your work. You make me think much more deeply about the image. I particularly like the concept that the possibilities of success is the drug of motivation. Thank you for all the intellect and joy you add to my day. Hugs and Kisses Dear Friend.

    1. Believe me, your words are one of my motivations when I post in my blogs. I want to be at the height of your comments, and post good photos at the same time. In this case (I don´t know if you want to know it or not, according to your words), there was a ship in the sea, and more people at the promenade. Probably the family were looking at them, I´m not sure. I discover them when I was looking at the sea, and enjoying the calm I felt. One more time, thank you for your words and your support. Lots of kisses, and enjoy your time, dear friend.