viernes, 29 de enero de 2016

Un poco de todo

En estos casos es cuando se dice que en la variedad está el gusto, ¿no?

Un poco de todo

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  1. I agree with this at the very essence of my being. In its original form from William Cowper, it was, " Variety is the very spice of life " So he thought it had to do with every aspect of life. I think I agree with that. I always love the kind of shop in your photo. So much is offered, and the selection is based on my freedom to choose. I had a professor who said that even a teacher must not offer a single selection. Education must be a buffet from which the student may sample many ideas. What is difficult is to make everyone understand that they have the freedom to choice. Too many people want others to make the selection for them. That man behind the counter looks like one who would sell to you what you want, but will not attempt to tell you what you want. I loved my professor because she opened a world of knowledge and ideas to me, and with her in my mind, I would never settle for less. Wonderful work my talented friend. Big Hugs.

    1. You were very lucky with your teacher, that was the kind of lesson that we have to share with young people. We all must have the freedom to choice, but I think that among the freedom, we have to have education to choose. We need to know all the possibilities to make the right choice, and have the freedom to choose. I like this kind of shops too. they have much things to choose, and the most of them are useful.
      Thank you for your kind words, and have a wonderful time ahead, dear Michael. A big hug!