viernes, 12 de febrero de 2016

Tras la barra

Sitios con historia, con solera. Sitios en los que te sientes cómodo desde el primer minuto. Sitios que siempre recuerdas, y a los que siempre vuelves.

Tras la barra

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  1. Your musings reminded me of the words to an old John Denver song, in which he says, " It was like going home to a place you've never been before. " Jane and I often pick cafes and shops based on that feeling. We know it is right as soon as we go in, or even just looking in at the window. The place in your photo, and the way you photographed it, is that kind of place. I love this kind of instant affinity. Big Hugs and Kisses Dear Friend

    1. This photo was taken in Seville, inside a bar where my husband and I use to go when whe visit the city on bussiness. It´s a place with history, and since the moment you sit in it, you are comfortable. I think of you and Jane when I post this image, because you told me something like this in one of our conversations. A big hug and lot of kisses, dear Michael.