lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016

Tendido cero

"Tú también eres un mirón, muchacho. Has entrado en contacto con tus propias tendencias oscuras y ahora disfrutas con la emoción de ser un mero espectador."

James Ellroy, 'Jazz blanco'

Tendido cero

3 comentarios:

  1. I like this quote and the writing of Ellroy. The people in your photo are now mere spectators, but is it merely because they are old and that is all that is left to them? I am old, but spend very little time as a spectator. I don't even watch sports. But, Ellroy uses the word " Voyeur " which is much more dark and menacing. It has a weakness about it. I need to think more about this. Welcome back Dear Friend

    1. In this case, I agree with Ellroy, because I feel like a voyeur when I photograph people. I recognize I´m more spectator than actor (or actress) in the ordinary life.
      I´m happy to be back. A big hugh, dear friend!

  2. I never think of a street photographer as a voyeur. To search for and capture the great images that you produce takes an active involvement in life. Hugs and Kisses.