lunes, 27 de junio de 2016


"Y así fue el resto de su vida. Se sentía como si lo hubieran invitado a una fiesta cuya dirección no lograba encontrar. Seguro que alguien se estaba divirtiendo con todo aquello, con la existencia que llevaba, pero de momento ese alguien no era él."
Margaret Atwood 'Oryx y Crake'


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  1. I love this photo combined with the quote. I will admit to you that I have never had this feeling. I always seem to know where the party is or I invent the party which others try to find. People ask Jane and me how we manage to fit in everywhere and are expected everywhere. We can never give an answer that others find acceptable. It seems to be some sort of magic, and we never examine the source of magic. Yet, I have known people as the man in this quote, and feel sorry for them. There are those the world leaves out, and I have never been able to discover if it is just bad fortune or a lack within them. But, I am wise enough to say, "There but for fortune go I" So, I will never put it to a test. Jean Paul Sartre tells of a friend of his who was always noticed by his absence. There could be a room filled with people, and someone would always say, "But where is Henri?" Big Hugs and Kisses, My Talented Friend

    1. Trust me, it´s a great pleasure to read your words and your reflexions about my photos. We talk about it other times: for me it´s a question of attitude. It´s no good to be with people in a wonderful party if you are thinking of the bad things of your life. And you are right, there are too many people who chose to be unhappy, even if they have everything necessary to be happy.
      I think that is much better to share a smile and a positive attitude, and I´m sure that´s what you and Jane do in your lives.
      A big hug and lot of kisses for you, my dear friend.
      (Sorry for the delay)