lunes, 22 de agosto de 2016

El sol de la vida

"La razón no me ha enseñado nada. Todo lo que yo sé me ha sido dado por el corazón."
Leon Tolstoi 

El sol de la vida

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  1. A very beautiful image, and the quote goes well with it, but I am not sure I accept the quote at face value. While I know there is a dichotomy between reason and emotion, I don't think one can be a full person using one or the other. They inform each other. I often examine some of my strongest emotions using reason. There is a comfort in knowing the feelings of my heart are also logical. Thank you again for leading my mind in such interesting directions. Big Hugs, Dear Friend

    1. I think there are things that we have to do at the light of reason, above all. But they are others than require the strong of the heart... But I agree with you: sometimes, I discover that my feelings are logical.
      A big hug, my dear friend. Take care and be happy.