miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016

El príncipe de las mareas

Es difícil escapar a la magia de las olas, a ese movimiento hipnótico y cadencioso que calma los sentidos y devuelve el equilibrio al fiel de la balanza interna. A esa paz que hace que todo tenga sentido, aunque no lo tenga en absoluto.
Imágenes como ésta me lo recuerdan.

El príncipe de las mareas

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  1. Dear Ana, I love this photo. As you know, now I am a city boy. but in my youth, I grew up near the sea. I fished from a boat, sometimes on overnight expeditions. I even went ice fishing in the winter. My plan was to always eat the fish that I caught, so I always brought a pan and some butter. There was a sublime beauty in the sea itself, and letting it feed you. All that was needed was trust in the generosity of the sea and the tides. As you say, the waves and the rhythm of their movement gave comfort and balance. When you add the pleasure of enjoying the gifts that the sea offers, there is a true peace. But as you also say, we never have it completely. The sea moves on, while we remain. Yet, as Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea", we often live to "Fight" on another day. The comfort and the gifts that the sea gives to us may never be complete, but what is unchanging is the sea itself. It comes back to us, and we return to Her.There is some sadness in this, of course, but this photo also reminds me that the sea is eternal. I thank you for bringing back thoughts of my father and uncle who taught me the secrets of the sea, and how to show Her respect. Big Hugs and Kisses Dear Talented Friend.

    1. I love when you share your thoughts and your memories, because it´s something magical and personal.
      This image makes me think of the idea of peace every time I see it, and brings me thoughts of the time I spent this summer at that place. That´s the target of photography, I think: evoke, transmit feelings.
      Thank you for your kind words, my friend. Lots of kisses and all my affection.