miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2016

Bulevar de los sueños rotos

"Por el bulevar de los sueños rotos
pasan de largo los terremotos
y hay un tequila por cada duda."

Joaquín Sabina 'Bulevar de los sueños rotos'

Boulevard de los sueños rotos


2 comentarios:

  1. I would say that there is a Gin for every question, but I take the point. In English, we often say that, "People with broken dreams drown their sorrows in strong drink" I like Frida Kahlo's quote, "I tried to drown my sorrows, but the little bastards learned to swim." I love this photo. Even the couples seem not to be together, making it a great representation of your quote. I guess we have all had to walk the Boulevard of Broken Dreams at one time or an other, but with any luck we find our way back. There is a song from my youth by Tony Bennett called "The Boulevard of Broken Dreams" It is beautiful and sad. There is a melancholy pleasure in looking back on a time of lost dreams or lost love from the vantage point of renewed hope, but while you are in the middle of "The Boulevard" you think it will never get better. Wonderful work my Dear Friend. Big Hugs, and may you always walk the Boulevard of Happiness.

    1. I think we all walk that boulevard any time in our lives, and as you say, when I look back at that point, I feel a mixed feeling made of the beautiful dreams I had then, and the sorrow of discover that they wasn´t true. But I agree with you, there´s a gin for every question.
      A big hug, my friend. I hope my walk at the Boulevard of Happiness will be with your company.