jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2016

Desfile de sombras

"Las almas inmortales, hechas a bien tamaño, ¿podrán vivir de sombra y engaño?"
Fray Luis de León

Desfile de sombras

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  1. This is brilliant is so many ways. The photo itself is astonishing. The quote and the question contained in it cause deep thought. When taken together, they are stunning. First the photo. Although the man in the foreground takes our attention first, he seems like the interloper. I was fascinated at how looking at him caused me to feel a sense of discomfort. I wanted to tell the other people not to get to close. I have studied the work of de Leon and love the way he can guide the reader to a conclusion. He starts with what would appear to be a religious observation, but then asks a question that forces us to use human reason. It is like a tautology which can lead to only one conclusion. Starting with his premise that the soul was made with great magnitude, how can we, using reason, answer anything but "no", when he asks if the soul can live in shade and deceit. The soul, for good or evil, cannot hide. I can't stop looking at this photo and thinking about the beautiful way you have connected to the well chosen quote. Thank you for letting me be part of this my Talented Friend. Big Hugs.

    1. I know what you say: when I took this photo, the man in the front walked into the frame. I only wanted to take the photo to the people who walked in the distance, to take the shadows, but he appeared in the first line. Then, when I processed the image, the final result leaded me to another point of view, and I accepted it.
      We are souls, walking around this world. Sometimes in the light, sometimes in the shadow. We are all real, and sometimes, we are not. For better or worse. I believe that it depends on the concrete time of the life we were living...
      Thank you for your kind words, and your company. It´s always a pleasure. A lot of kisses!